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Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X


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In our company, you can order a Tesla Model X electric car with delivery to the UAE directly from the manufacturer from China. It is profitable and safe.

About the Tesla Model X

In official reference books, the Tesla Model X car is classified as a full-size electric crossover. All produced models are all-wheel drive The design scheme of the device and the location of power units in the Model X:
  • The battery is placed at the bottom (under the bottom of the body) – due to the low center of gravity, increased stability is provided.
  • Two electric power units – a total power of 772 hp. This is enough for a confident ride on North American roads at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour. Or towing a trailer weighing 2.2 tons.
The interior design has a 3-row arrangement of passenger seats. If necessary, they can be easily transformed, providing free space for cargo transportation.

Year of release

The Tesla Model X electric car is mass-produced in the California city of Fremont. The presentation of the model was solemnly held at the annual auto show in Los Angeles in 2012. This vehicle went on sale after 3 years in 2015. At the moment, the Tesla Model X electric car is available for purchase not only from the USA, but also from countries where factories are located, including China.

Technical specifications

  • Power units – 2 asynchronous three-phase electric motors with a total capacity of 772 hp are located transversely in front and rear. Acceleration to "hundreds" from 2.5 to 6 seconds is considered a record for electric vehicles.
  • The battery is a 100 kWh lithium ion battery. One charge, depending on the time of year, is enough for 450 – 500 km (the standard of a professional driver is no more than 500 km per day).
  • Independent suspension – rear multi-link, front on double levers, provide perfect smoothness.
  • Length - 4,005 meters, width - 2,083 meters, height – 1,626 m.

Additional systems

  • The on-board computer system automatically connects to the Internet and is updated after the release of new options.
  • Navigation and autopilot system of the latest generation.
  • The possibility of charging from a 220 and 380 V source.

Main Feature

The mass-produced electric car is equipped with rear passenger doors that open upwards. Their design provides for the possibility of opening even in cramped parking lots.


A fully electric car has received a convenient charging system. The Mobile Connector cable is included in the package. The car can be left unattended while charging. The cable is securely blocked when attempts are made to unplug it without authorization.

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Tesla Model X
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