Distributor of electric car in UAE

Today China is the most technologically advanced market of electric vehicles partly due to the fact that their brands have already sold millions of cars so far. Chinese brands are evolving extremally fast and changing the world electric car market before our eyes.

That is why our company, as a distributor of electric cars in the UAE, specializes in the delivery of vehicles from China. If you are in Dubai and want to get an electric car with a good benefit, then contact our managers via numbers listed on the website. We work almost always!

So how does it work?

The basic principle is that we do not take your money. Our client pays absolutely for everything directly to the counterparty avoiding all the risks. The process is clear and transparent.

And main steps are the following:

  1. Selection.
    You are looking for a distributor of Chinese electric vehicles in Dubai or another UAE city and find our company. You contact us and share what electric vehicle you’re interested in. If you have not chosen yet, the extensive catalog of electric cars for sale can be found on the website.
    Our colleagues in China select the appropriate car and check if it is available or not and how long is the waiting list. If you confirm the option and configuration, we book it for you.
  2. Car payment.
    As soon as the car is ready and can be picked up from the dealer, our colleagues in China request an invoice for your name. You pay this bill and become the owner of the car.
    The vehicle is already yours, now it only needs to be delivered and cleared through the customs.
  3. Shipping.
    At this stage, we request an invoice from the logistics company for the delivery services, which is also paid by you. And now your car is ready for shipping to Dubai.
  4. Customs clearance.
    Upon car arrival, we select a customs broker who does a complete clearance of the vehicle, and as you might guess the one who pays for the brokerage services is you.
  5. Commission payment.
    You only pay the distributor a commission for all the work done to support the purchase of an electric car.
    Sounds fair enough to us, and most importantly, you can get a nice electric car and save a lot of money.

What is your benefit?

If you are interested, contact us!