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BYD Yuan
BYD Yuan


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If you have been looking for an inexpensive electric car to buy in the UAE for a long time, but at the same time you are looking for new cars, then we suggest you consider buying an electric car BYD Yuan directly from China. We will organize all the work on transporting the vehicle from China to the UAE, and you will get your new car, saving money.
BYD Yuan is an electric car in the body of a mini crossover. This is Byd's most compact and affordable electric vehicle. Customers can choose from several modifications: EV360, EV535 and Yuan Pro.

Byd Yuan EV360

The Chinese car Byd Yuan EV360 is offered with a battery of 43.2 kWh, the power reserve is 305 km. A high-speed charging system is provided. The function allows you to restore 80% in half an hour. The car has an engine with a capacity of 70 kW or 95 hp. The maximum developed speed is 150 km / h.
The Chinese Byd electric car is delivered on factory discs with a diameter of 16". A full-size spare tire is included in the delivery package, running lights are provided, as well as parking sensors with a 360 degree radius view. There is also a keyless access system, a separate climate control system, a climbing assistant. The cabin has a touch screen display with a navigator and a media center.

Byd EV535

The Byd Yuan EV535 electric SUV is offered with a 53.2 kWh battery. The power reserve for the NEDC cycle is 410 km. The motor power is 120 kW (163 hp).

Byd Pro

The Byd car in the Pro version comes with batteries for 43.2 or 53.2 kWh, the power reserve is 305 or 410 km (depending on the type of battery). The power unit produces a power of 100 kW or 136 hp. Most of the changes concerned the interior and exterior design. In particular, matrix headlights are used, the bumper has acquired a convex shape. A multi-steering wheel was installed in the cabin, the digital dashboard has a diagonal of 8".
Byd Yuan is a compact electric crossover offered in several variants. Despite the fairly affordable price, the suv has an attractive design, has good dynamic characteristics and a power reserve.

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BYD Yuan
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