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BYD Qin Pro
BYD Qin Pro


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If you are looking for a Chinese electric sedan in Dubai, you should pay attention to the Byd Qin Pro model. Our company will deliver the electric car directly from the manufacturer in China, and you will save on the final cost of the product.

Features of the Byd Qin Pro electric car

Byd Qin Pro is an electric car delivered in a sedan-type body. China has become the birthplace of the four-door car. Initially, the car was offered on a gasoline or hybrid engine, but later the power unit was replaced with a fully electric one. The Qin Pro model has become a new modification, the Byd EV electric car has been redesigned.
  • The Chinese car Byd Qin Pro comes with the marking EV500. It indicates the amount of mileage on a single charge. However, in reality, this figure is much lower. A distance of 500 km can be covered only if driving at a constant speed of 60 km/h. According to the NEDC cycle, the mileage will be no more than 420 km. Real tests showed a mileage of about 350 km.
  • The Byd electric sedan is equipped with a motor producing 163 hp.
  • The electric car has a front-wheel drive design.
  • The battery is installed under the cabin, its capacity is 56.4 kWh.
  • The model uses a multi-link rear suspension.
  • Byd car accelerates to hundreds in 8.9 seconds.


  • The Chinese electric sedan has a fairly rich equipment. LED optics are installed on the body.
  • The Byd Qin Pro electric car is equipped with a camera with an all-round view, an electric drive for the front seats is installed for convenience.
  • But the main feature is the screen of the media system with a diagonal of 12.8 inches with a rotary design (it can occupy a horizontal or vertical position).
  • The Byd electric car is additionally equipped with a whole set of driver assistance systems: lifting Assistant, ESP, TCS, Brake Assist.
The Byd Qin Pro electric sedan is a great option for getting around the city. The car is convenient for both the driver and passengers. It is an example of an optimal combination of price, comfort and driving characteristics.

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BYD Qin Pro
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