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The Chinese premium electric sedan NIO ET7 is available for purchase in the UAE. Contact our company and we will deliver you a new car from the manufacturer in China. Our electric machine distributor services in Dubai are inexpensive, and the overall savings to your budget will be significant.

About the electric car NIO ET7

NIO ET7 is a Chinese – made electric car. The car was introduced in January 2021. From the company Nio, the ET7 car is a full-size 4 - door premium sedan. The electric car took a lot from the previous model Nio Et Preview, released in 2019. However, a number of changes were also made.


The Chinese car Nio in the updated version received a significant advantage – the battery pack has a removable design. This allows, on the one hand, to save owners from waiting while recharging, on the other hand, it expands the number of configuration options.
The Nio ET7 sedan is offered in three trim levels:
  1. Basic – the set includes a battery for 70 kWh, the power reserve for the NEDC cycle is 500 km, for the EPA cycle – 350 km;
  2. Standard – equipped with a 100 kWh battery, the power reserve for the NEDC cycle is 700 km, for the EPA cycle – 500 km;
  3. Premium – in this configuration, the sedan is equipped with a 150 kWh solid–state battery, the power reserve for the NEDC cycle is 1000 km, for the EPA cycle - 700 km.
The Nio ET7 electric car comes with the same powertrain for all types of configurations. The design involves the installation of two electric motors on each axis. Thanks to this, the electric car is provided with all-wheel drive. The power is 480 kW or 653 hp. Acceleration to hundreds takes 3.9 seconds.

Features of NIO ET7

According to its design, the Nio et7 sedan took a lot from the previous model. Narrow front and rear optics give the appearance of aggressiveness. Equipping a car with a panoramic roof is not only a spectacular move, but also a practical solution to reduce the drag coefficient and increase aerodynamic qualities.
The manufacturer has declared the presence of a third-level autopilot system. Movement control is carried out by the Aquila system, consisting of 33 cameras, lidars, radars, ultrasonic sensors installed around the perimeter of the body. Data processing is carried out using 4 NVidia Orion SoCs processors assembled into an Adam computer. It handles up to 800 trillion. operations per second.
Nio electric car model ET7 is a premium electric sedan. The model comes in three configuration options, but the difference between them is only in the capacity and type of installed battery.

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