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If you are looking for a Chinese electric car in the UAE, then we are pleased to offer you the BYD Han model. We will ship your new BYD ev car from the factory in China and deliver it to Dubai in perfect condition. 

BYD Han electric Chinese sedan car is very popular. It is a good example of a comfortable car that could combine economical energy consumption, luxury and quality. The BYD Han electric vehicle is ideal for city trips, is a highly eco-friendly car that is absolutely safe for the environment. The Chinese BYD car has a good design, including a bold and luxurious exterior.

Characteristics of an electric vehicle

The Han e car accelerates quickly to a speed of 100 / h, 3.9 s is enough for it. The production technology uses the concept of intelligent control. The interior of the BYD car is made of nappa leather, has elements of natural wood and aluminum. In each model of the BYD HAN series, it is installed:
  • DiPilot – a set of driving assistance systems;
  • DiLink 3.0 – network intelligent system;
  • Blade is a modern safe battery of a new generation.
The first BYD electric sedan was released back in 2008. The BYD Han electric car can be purchased in one of three modifications: 2 wd or choose from two 4 wd configurations.

Technical parameters

  1. BYD electric vehicle power – 163/363 kW;
  2. Torque: 330-680 N*m;
  3. Battery depending on the model 65-76.9 kW/h;
  4. The power reserve is in the range of 605-550 km;
  5. The car is charged in fast charging conditions under constant current from 30% to 80% in a short period of 25 minutes. In order to charge the car at a distance of up to 135 km, it will take about 10 minutes;
  6. The coefficient of aerodynamic drag is 0.233;
  7. The byd electric car has a length of 4980 mm, the width of the car is 1910 mm, the height is 1495 mm, the wheelbase is 2920 mm.
The BYD electric sedan is a good solution for those who want to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride and not harm the environment.

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