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Audi E-tron
Audi E-tron


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All wheels



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Our company is engaged in the sale of electric cars in the UAE, so we have an Audi E-tron available for purchase. We can deliver for you a brand new German ev car from a factory in China for a small commission.

About Audi E-tron

The all-electric Audi E-tron car belongs to the category of medium-sized crossovers. It has a lower ground clearance of 161.6 m. The "station wagon" body for 5 passengers with dimensions:
  • Length – 4901 cm .
  • Width – 2043 cm .
  • Weight – 2565 kg.
The machine is equipped with a lithium battery with radiator cooling of 95 kW/hour. Two electric motors are installed in a transverse position on the rear and front axles. The Audi E TRON car has a direct drive on each of the wheels.

Year of release

For the first time, the test development of the E Tron was presented in 2015 at the prestigious Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. The production model went on sale in 2019. The issue is carried out by the concern at the head German company Audi.

Technical specifications

The Audi electric car is designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies. The technical characteristics of the Audi Etron model are as follows:
  • Two electric motors – a total thrust force of 408 hp. These indicators refer the model to the cars of the middle power class. Acceleration to a hundred exceeds the figure of 5.5 seconds.
  • The gearbox is single–stage with differentials adapted to the transverse arrangement of the motors.
  • Suspension – mixed electropneumatic, provides maximum comfort and smooth running.
  • The power reserve is 400 km, it is considered standard for this category of vehicle.

The E-tron SUV has good cross-country ability and confidently enters turns at high speeds even in conditions of slippery road surface due to an independent drive on each wheel.

Additional systems

The vehicle has a factory electronic maximum speed limit of up to 200 km/h. At the request of the user, it can be turned off, in which case the travel distance on a single charge will be reduced to 360 km.

Features of the model

The energy recovery system allows you to increase the duration of the battery charge consumption. The automatic option is activated when the electric car moves "coasting" - the driver resets the "gas" and presses the brake without effort.


  • An increased level of safety due to the attachment of a 35-point battery to the bottom of the vehicle.
  • Fast charging system – up to 80% in 30 minutes.
  • The latest all-wheel drive system and sports-style suspension.

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Audi E-tron
AUDI e-tron

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