Volkswagen electric cars

Volkswagen is a German automobile brand owned by Volkswagen AG. The headquarters is located in Wolfsburg, Germany. In 2021, the company presented a development plan, in which an important place was occupied by the production of batteries and increasing the number of electric vehicles for sale. The first mass-produced electric vehicle was presented in 2019 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. The basis of the electric car was the MEB platform (German: Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten), as the base of future e vehicles. In the MEB platform, the battery is located in the floor of the car. Volkswagen ID.3 electric car is the first vehicle of the ID family.

Our company offers the purchase of a German Volkswagen electric car in the UAE with delivery from China. We negotiate with trusted distributors and manufacturers, select a ev car for you, and ensure safe transportation to Dubai. You are enjoying your new Volkswagen e car at a great price.

VW ID.6_10

Volkswagen ID.6

Engine: electric
Battery cap.: 77kWh
Power: 313hp
Distance: 516km
42600 $ ‒  
VW ID.4_7

Volkswagen ID.4

Engine: electric
Battery cap.: 77kWh
Power: 299hp
Distance: 480km
34500 $ ‒  

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